Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Insidia is a dark-yet-forgiving platformer -- Time Waster

So you're an alien, tooling around in free space in your little spaceship... when suddenly, disaster strikes! Your craft is hit by a meteor, and you're forced to crash-land on an unfamiliar, dark planet.

That's where Insidia starts off. Now that you're on the planet, you have to navigate its complex maze of rooms and corridors in search of repair kits for your craft. Once you find all ten repair kits, you'd be able to leave the planet (and win the game).

Unlike many other platformers, Insidia is not linear. As you progress through the game, you reveal more and more passages and rooms, but you also go through some places more than once. When you hit M you get a nice map that shows everywhere you've been so far and gives you a sense of how much is still to be explored.

As you walk around, you find items that improve your abilities (a double-jump power-up, for example). And when something kills you, you just respawn at the last "save point", with all of your items and abilities intact. I love that, because it means dying is not a big deal - it's just a part of the game, and it doesn't make you feel like you're failing.

All in all, this is a platformer I could certainly spend some time with.

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