Friday, 18 February 2011

Fade is Canabalt for llama lovers

This game had me at the intro. I usually don't care for the intros many of these games have; I often tend to skip them, even if it sometimes means not understanding the game as well as I could. But when Fade loaded, there was a message written in tiny letters saying I can skip the intro, but that it is highly recommended to continue. I decided to heed the message, and I'm happy I did! It's truly beautiful, and made me feel something. [Erez is secretly a heartless, soulless robot -Ed] You should try the game just for the intro.

But aside from the intro, I found this game to be pretty satisfying. You're playing a little llama that wants to see in color. Her (or his?) world is all black and white, and it has to run very fast in order to see colors. Each round you try to gain as much speed as you can, while jumping over chasms and avoiding "slow-down" barrels. When you do this, you gain skill points which you can use to... get better skills! This means you can accelerate faster, have more speed, jump higher and so forth.

Supposedly, if you run fast enough and gain enough skill, your game should suddenly become colorful! I did not get there yet, but they sure got me excited about it! I will probably spend the next few days trying to get my llama to see in color.

Did you make it?

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